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Enitiative.biz, ltd.

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Welcome to Enitiative.biz, Ltd.

Enitiative.biz was founded to use technology to help get more people "on the water". We believe holidays, vacations, events and celebrations are all better on a yacht. Our aim is to make chartering yachts as easy, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

We are the parent company for several of the leading yacht charter web sites including:

The world's leading yacht charter web site, offering thousands of yacht for charter worldwide and personalised service. Boatbookings.com - Yacht Charter and Boat Rental in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Worldwide

Our Websites:

Boatbookings.com Worldwide Yacht Charter and Boat Rental Stunning Yachts Luxury Yacht Charter

Boatbookings.com Yacht Charter

Stunning Yachts Luxury Yacht Charter

Yacht-Charter-BVI - the best sailing vacations in the British Virgin Islands Boatbookings.com Yachting News and Boating Blog

BVI Yacht Charter

Boatbookings Blog

Key Charter Destinations:

Yacht Charter News from Boatbookings.com

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